What is Cur(ate) TPA?

Enjoy Cur(ate) TPA, a culinary experience within AMALIE Arena featuring fresh, local, and sustainable food & beverage options featured at multiple concession locations around the arena. During your next visit, enjoy this culinary experience at the locations listed below to curate your own dining experience.* Have dietary restrictions? Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Vegan options are listed below.

*During an event, some concession locations may be unavailable and menu items may be limited.

What's New This Season

Wicked Oak Barbeque

Wicked Oak Barbeque, the inaugural Cur(ate) TPA Challenge winner, brings new favorites to its menu. Located at Section 124 and on the Budweiser Biergarten near Section 329, guests can feast on the flavors of Wicked Oak Barbeque's award-winning barbecue such as Loaded Mac, Sandwiches, BBQ Nachos and more!

Gluten/Dairy Free Options: BBQ Sauces (Sweet, Apple, Mango, Guava), Brisket, Pulled Pork

Bull Market

Visit Bull Market for fusion Asian-American creations at Section 311. The winners of the second annual Cur(ate) TPA Challenge offers Sandwiches, Bowls, Spring Rolls, Dumplings and more!

Lolis Tacos

Let’s taco-bout tacos! Head to Section 320 and visit winners of the second annual Cur(ate) TPA Challenge! Lolis Tacos serves up authentic Mexican with a variety of tacos, Chicken Tamale and a delicious taco salad.

Gluten Free Options: Shredded Chicken, Ground Beef, Pork, Corn Tortilla

Dairy Free Options: Shredded Chicken, Ground Beef, Pork

Moschella's Italian Eatery

Stop by Section 108 where Moschella’s is serving up your favorite Italian classics, including Pasta, Salads, Sandwiches and Desserts.

Bayshore Brioche

At Bayshore Brioche, everything is on Brioche! Enjoy Cheeseburgers, Hot Dogs and vegan/vegetarian Black Bean Burgers at Sections 109 & 301.

Gluten Free Options: Beyond Beef Burger, Hot Dogs, GF Buns, French Fries

Dairy Free Options: Beyond Beef Burger, French Fries

Vegan Option: Beyond Beef Burger

Snack Shack

Grab your snacks! Visit Snack Shack at Sections 111, 121, 308, and 324 to serve all your snack needs. A variety of gourmet popcorn, pretzels and Dippin’ Dots offered here as well as nachos and other snacks.

Gluten Free Options: Dip N Dots, Buttered Popcorn

Dairy Free Options: Rainbow Dip N Dots

Vegan Option: Rainbow Dip N Dots

Dog Gone It

Hot diggity-dog, get your hot dogs at Dog Gone It at Sections 112 and 322! Pick your favorite between a classic Hot Dog and Italian Sausage.

Havana Nights

Craving Cuban? Try our Cubana Carranza, Loaded Fries, or a local favorite, Mr. Empanada and Mr. Softee Soft Serve Ice Cream at Havana Nights at Section 112. All Cubans come on Cuban bread straight from La Segunda Bakery in Ybor City.

Easy Sliders

At Easy Sliders, take your pick: Nashville Chicken Sliders, Billy’s Double Jammin’ Cheddar Sliders and Garlic Fries on the side. Section 119 has all your slider dreams coming true.

Steak Station

The Steak Station, at Section 120, serves Classic Cheesesteak, Pepper Cheesesteak Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak all on Amoroso Rolls and Mr. Softee Soft Serve Ice Cream.

Corona Cove

Visit Corona Cove at Section 123 for tropical tastes like Coconut Shrimp, Poke Nachos, Martinated Flank Steak and Jamaican Jerk Chicken.


You're gonna want a 'pizza' this! In Section 208, your options are endless. Try one of the Flatbreads, Baked Pasta, Charcuterie Pretzel Board and more. Note: This location is available to guests on the Tampa Bay Club Level only.

Gluten Free Option: GF Pizza Crust

Portside Place

Portside Place at Section 214 has all your favorites including Mr. Softee Soft Serve Ice Cream, Dippin Dots, assorted Desserts, Pretzels and Popcorn. Note: This location is available to guests on the Tampa Bay Club Level only.

Portside Grill

At Section 218’s Portside Grill, you can enjoy an Italian Beef Sandwich, Cheeseburger, vegan/vegetarian Black Bean Burger and Cali Chicken Sandwiches. Note: This location is available to guests on the Tampa Bay Club Level only.

Gluten Free Options: GF Buns, Hand-Cut French Fries

Dary Free and Vegan Option: Hand-Cut French Fries

Biergarten Eats

Head up to the Budweiser Biergarten for these hot bites! Try out the boneless wings with buffalo, sweet & tangy or smokey bbq sauce and a side of cheese curds or cheddar bacon tots at Biergarten Eats near Section 303.

The Melt-Away

In Section 310, melt away with a hot and gooey sandwich! Homestyle Grilled Cheese, Cuban Sandwich, The Hat Trick Heatwave…all served on Texas Toast and Mr. Softee Soft Serve Ice Cream. It will be too hard to choose!

Bowl’d Over

At Bowl’d Over, build your own dessert bowl at Section 323! Mr. Softee Soft Serve Ice Cream, Ice Cream Waffle Bowls, Brownie a la Mode and Soft Cookie with Ice Cream. We’re always updating the combinations so come create your own!

Other Dietary Friendly Options

PDQ (Sections 102, 316)

Gluten Free Options: Buttered Popcorn, French Fries, BBQ Sauce, Honey Mustard, Sweet Sriacha Sauce

Dairy Free and Vegan Option: French Fries

Papa Johns (Sections 115, 326)

Gluten Free Option: GF Pizza Crust

Outback (Section 117)

Gluten Free Option: GF Bun

Grab N Go (Sections 114, 118)

Gluten Free Options: Buttered Popcorn, Tomato Mozzarella Salad, Glazed Pecans & Almonds

Bayclub Slider (Section 210)

Gluten/Dairy Free and Vegan Option: French Fries

Snacks (Section 214)

Gluten Free Option: Buttered Popcorn

Fry Box (Section 306)

Gluten/Dairy Free and Vegan Options: Hand-Cut French Fries, Poutine Gravy, Sweet Potato Tots

Carvery (Section 327)

Gluten Free Options: Steak, GF Buns, Kettle Chips

Dairy Free Option: Steak

Vegan Option: Kettle Chips

About Cur(ate) TPA

The Tampa Bay Lightning and AMALIE Arena are excited to introduce Cur(ate) TPA, a new initiative aimed at elevating the culinary and beverage offerings for Lightning fans and arena guests. This initiative focuses on delivering an exceptional dining experience with an emphasis on fresh, locally sourced food and beverages. We are also committed to providing a wide variety of options, excellent value, top-notch service, and a sustainable approach.

Cur(ate) TPA serves as the overarching brand and vision that guides the dining and drinking experience at AMALIE Arena. Our latest additions exemplifies this commitment to showcasing local talent and flavors for our patrons to enjoy.

The vision of Cur(ate) TPA is to celebrate the vibrant spirit of Tampa and foster a sense of community through a world-class culinary and beverage experience. Furthermore, we understand that offering diverse options is a fundamental aspect of providing a satisfying dining and drinking experience at the 19,092-seat AMALIE Arena. Our management team is dedicated to offering great, customizable choices for everyone attending each event, all while adhering to our principles of using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.