Sep 1, 2015

#WWERawTB Recap

(Almost) Everything That Went Down at Monday Night Raw.
WWE Monday Night Raw was back in Tampa for the first time in two years, and boy, did they BRING it! Here's what went down inside the arena & online, just in case you weren't one of the 10,685 people in attendance:

R-Truth took home the first W of the night, defeating Englishman King Barrett.



Sting dropped by to remind Seth Rollins that he intends to challenge him for the world heavyweight championship at Night of Champions: "Little boy, you better buckle up...."


Dolph Ziggler defeated Rusev via DQ when Summer Rae initiated a catfight with Lana. Things took an even more interesting turn when Summer was discovered in Dolph's locker room after the match...


Ryback outsmarted BigShow for the WWE Intercontinental championship.


The WWE Divas PCB attempted to "Beat the Clock" against Team Bella for a shot at a championship match against Nikki. Charlotte earned the honor, defeating Brie Bella in 1 minute & 40 seconds.


And with the most surprising development of the night, John Cena answered Seth Rollin's call out to Sting with the news he will invoke his rematch clause and challenge Rollins for the United States title at Night of Champions.