Sep 16, 2015

The Amalie Diaries: Pilot

All you need to know about the off-season construction

By now, you’ve probably heard about the multi-million dollar construction going on inside Amalie Arena. Rather than giving you formal info, we (arena interns) want to give you the real inside scoop. #TheAmalieDiaries will provide our readers with exclusive intel, pictures and behind-the-scenes information from all the incredible events (and awesome hockey games) that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. So, without further ado, we want to kick off our first post and tell you all you need to know about the exciting upgrades coming to your favorite arena!

THE TOP 14 THINGS THAT WE ARE EXCITED FOR (and we know you will be too)

1.) Tots & Boxty Bar (Section 215)

Tater Tot.jpg

Yep, you heard right! This has been one of the most talked about areas of construction, and for good reason. The bar will encompass any decadent toppings you can think of, supported by a mountain of fresh tater tots.

Trust us: it’s worth the calories.

2.) The Tampa Bay Club

Introducing your new club level: The Tampa Bay Club. Not only does it have a new name, but there’s also a completely new look and feel to the space.

Map of the Tampa Bay Club:

Club Level Map.jpg

Rendering of Finished Product:

Tampa bay club.jpg

3.) LOGE SEATING!!! (Tampa Bay Club)

Currently under major construction:

loge #1.jpg

A rendering of the finished product:

loge #2.jpg

34 loges (156 seats total) are being added at the north end of the Tampa Bay Club. These seats will provide an incredible view at ALL events including family shows, concerts, and Lightning & Storm games. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Along with the incredible center stage view- there will be an interactive tablet for every pair of guests that’ll include TV channels (no more having to choose between conflicting events) and in-game replay capability. You’ll even be able to request table service and order retail and food items ... all from the comfort of your own seat! As if that wasn’t amazing enough, these loge seats are all inclusive- meaning you have full access to the two food bars & two beverage coolers that are only a few steps away.


This section is already sold out for the 2015-16 Lightning season, but make sure to keep an eye out for the following year!

4.) Smoke’s Poutinerie (Section 306)



Unless you’re from the Great White North, chances are you’ve never heard of poutine. Don’t worry, we hadn’t either. Apparently, this incredible creation includes a basket of fresh fries, smothered in gravy and cheese curds, with the option of adding protein on top (pulled pork, bacon, etc.) This will be the FIRST Arena location for Smoke’s in the US. But chances are, after fans get a taste, they’ll be begging to open more.

5.) The Outdoorsman Lounge, Cask & Barrel Bar & Bay Club Slider Station (Section 210)

This premium area is the perfect place to take a seat, sip some of the finest bourbon available, and completely relax. It has been designed specifically to make you feel right at home- and by the looks of the rendering below- that’s exactly what it will do.

bourbon bar.jpg

6.) New Bathrooms (Tampa Bay Club)

Who can’t appreciate new and improved bathrooms? We are getting rid of the old purple and green tiles and bringing in a newer, modern feel to all restrooms on the Tampa Bay Club Level.

Interior Design Mood Board:


Current construction:


7.) Wine & Dessert Bar (Sections 208)

mise en logo.jpgmise en dessert.jpg

This Tampa favorite has been chosen to provide all kinds of deliciousness at the new food and beverage bars including: Mise Sweets (desserts), Mise en Place Wine (bar) & Café Mise en Place (tapas and flatbreads) located in Sections 205-208.  Mise En Place is a premier restaurant for modern American cuisine, and the perfect addition to any night out at Amalie Arena!

wine bar.jpg

8.) Irish 31 (Section 216-217)

irish 31 logo.jpg

Irish 31 is another local brand that is sure to be a popular stop within the new additions. The bar (216) will be a fresh and innovative place to grab a quick drink, while the carvery (217) will be a station to receive hot and delicious meals. With Irish 31’s incredible reputation in the bay area, and fresh food that is made to order, you simply won’t be able to resist a little indulgence.


Current Construction:


9.) Two New & Improved Lofts

The two lofts on the club level have received a full makeover! The Verizon & Tampa Bay Times lofts are now double the size, able to fit about 100 people each. They can also be divided to accommodate separate parties. It is a prime location for celebrations, work outings or a fun night out with your friends!


10.) New/Upgraded Concessions



This construction project isn’t all about the Tampa Bay Club – we showed some love to the promenade & terrace levels too:

        -Brand new concession Ford’s Garage: 109 & 301.

        -Remodeled Outback:117.

        -Upgraded Little Cesar’s: 115 & 326.

        -Additional PDQ: 316. No more traveling around the arena to track down where the delicious aroma of chicken fingers is coming from!

Current Construction of Ford’s Garage at Section 109:


11.) New Media Room, Family Room & Guest Locker Room

Even though this may not directly impact you… our players, media partners and even opposing teams also stand to gain from these renovations. How comforting it is to know that the families of your Lightning players will have a marvelous area to relax in, that the media will be able to write about how awesome we are in comfort, and that our opposing team won’t have any excuses as to why they lost because they will have a top notch locker room! We are an elite arena for all, because we're classy like that.

12.) Added Staircase- Easier Accessibility

There is now a stairwell connecting the suite level to the terrace level. You’re hanging out in one of our beautiful suites, but want to meet some friends on the Bud Light Party Deck? We’ve got you covered. Easily accessible methods of getting from the premium level to non-premium levels will make your total experience even better than before.

Current Construction of the staircase:


13.) The Heineken Rooftop

This updated open space on the Tampa Bay Club level will be the new go-to for an amazing indoor-outdoor experience. Acting similar to the Bud Light Party Deck on the terrace level, the Heineken Rooftop will be the perfect spot to grab drink specials after the game for premium ticket holders. This non-smoking area is a sleek and inviting spot that you must check out.

Interior Design Mood Board for the Heineken Rooftop:


14.) October 2016???

With Mr. Vinik’s continued commitment to the Tampa Bay area, stay tuned to see what changes will debut next season in October 2016. We know it’s hard to imagine, but it might just be better than this.

Let us know what you think about the construction & what you are most excited for!

amalie arena.jpg


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