Facts & Figures

The massive $62-million transformation from 2011-2013 made Amalie Arena history. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Annually hosts more than 150 events ever year, which ranks among the top venues in North America.
  • Encompasses 670,000 square feet with three decks and seven separate levels.
  • The building is 133 feet 10 inches in height and 493 feet in diameter.
  • Contains 3,400 tons of steel, 30,000 cubic yards of concrete and 70,000 square feet of glass.
  • Features 351 faucets throughout the building and each one is touchless to conserve water.
  • Prominently features 69 suites.
  • Two hundred forty-two new sport lights have been installed to increase our game night lighting by doubling our foot-candle levels, exceeding all NHL standards and enhancing HD broadcasts.
  • LED display boards that circle the entire area feature 1.7 million square pixels for pure viewing pleasure.